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All About Me: Ms. Jack

      My passion to teach stems from my childhood experience. I was taught by teachers who saw beyond my learning disability and nurtured my innate desire to learn. Being a teacher is my opportunity to positively influence the lives of today’s students through knowledge and guidance. In my eyes, an education is as critical a need as food and shelter. Recognizing the differences between each child’s critical needs, I have also realized that there are disparities among the quality of education for communities of color. This realization compels me to rectify the disparity in the education system. As a woman of color, in the system, I will be prepared to be an advocate for students who are at risk while interpreting the children’s needs to those in positions of power. 
     I want to ensure that students with exceptionalities have the opportunity to excel linguistically, socially, and academically parallel to their peers. When I was in primary school, compassionate educators saw past my learning disability and developed a curriculum best suited for my learning style. Undaunted by the severity of my stunted progression in English language arts, these educators constantly shaped their teaching styles to meet my needs. The results of their work were seen in my renewed confidence that caused me to advance academically and naturally enter into my peers social realm. Unfortunately, many students, similar to me with exceptionalities, fall behind due to diverse learning, communicative, and behavioral needs. This disparity motivates me to teach skills that enable students to excel academically and socially. As my teachers did for me, I will form a collaborative effort within the school setting and home environment to provide students with strategies to circumvent what has been labeled a disability. I will commit myself as an education specialist to continuously understand my students and teach to their specific learning styles.
     Teaching has always been a symbiotic relationship. As an educator I am filling my students with a multitude of information, skills, and knowledge. Through this process the students are interacting with me sharing their learning styles, life experience, and divergent personalities. When planning or delivering a lesson I am conscious of each of my students learning differences. I will be utilizing their strengths and affinities to mold my lessons giving students’ accesses to their individual learning styles. As a prospective educator for culturally and linguistically diverse learners with exceptionalities, I am dedicated to teaching using research based practices that are beneficial to this population of learners encouraging apprehension, deduction, and expression of learning objectives.