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School Wide Expectations

The following are school wide, yard, and classroom expectations and discipline policies which have been developed by our teachers, school administrators, classified employees, and parent/community member. Our standards have been set for every Limerick student. We believe high standards of conduct, in all areas, are necessary to assure a high quality of learning.

School Wide Expectations

1. Follow all directions promptly.

2. Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.

3. Use language that is polite and friendly.

4. Keep toys, playthings, valuables, gum and candy at home unless given permission by your teacher to bring these items to school for a special activity.

5. Treat school materials and property and the belongings of others with respect.

6. Show cooperation and courtesy to all school personnel and peers.


1. All children must stay in their assigned play areas on the playground; no loitering around the restrooms or the bungalows.

2. Walk at all times, except in authorized play areas.

3. Observe the freeze bell. Line up immediately when the whistle is blown.

4. Stay off all school apparatus at all times unless it is directly supervised by a staff member.

5. School balls and equipment must be used in the proper play areas only.

6. No drinks after the bell.

7. Throwing or begging others for food is forbidden.


1. Walk in a quiet and orderly manner in line to the classroom or other destination.

2. Come into the classroom quietly and go to your seats to be ready for instruction.

3. Raise your hand and wait to be called upon before speaking out in class.

4. Stay in your seat and in the classroom until you are given permission to get up or to leave.

5. Listen attentively to your teacher(s) and follow directions.

6. Use the restroom and get drinks before school or during recess and lunch. Restroom passes will be issued during class time only when absolutely necessary.

7. Keep rooms and desks neat and clean.